Westland properties is an indigenous company incorporated in Nigeria with Registration number RC1041975, Westland Properties was founded in 2012 and today is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic constructions and civil engineering companies in Nigeria. For over six years Westland Properties has delivered high quality integrated construction solutions. Our corporate office address at 93 College Road Ifako Ijaiye, Lagos.

Westland Properties is a vast construction company with broad knowledge in building and civil engineering construction, real estate development, project management and property/ facility management. We possess the technical experience and expertise required in delivering of complex construction project and adoption to modern technology of building system.

Our subsidiaries company (McNicholas) focuses on oil and gas which involves market and trade of Petroleum Products with specialized core competence in LPG.

Our Company is built on professionalism and has a knack for quality and consistency. We do not compromise with standard and engineering ethics in our services. We have teams of well trained and experienced site workers. We have built several sites with different organizations all over Nigeria.


At Westland Properties our mission is to become the best building and civil engineering,

construction, contractors organization, with the aim of achieving extraordinary results for our customers, building satisfying careers for our people and earning a fair return on the value we deliver.


Our vision is to be a dynamic construction company with a passionate commitment to delivering value-added and innovative solutions to our clients’ construction needs. We remain focused on building long-lasting relationships by consistently delivering a world-class performance.


Westland Properties Values Ethics program and our Code of Ethics and Business Responsibility are centred on our Vision, Mission and Values. These shared goals and values set the foundation for how we interact with our fellow employees, our customers, the government, and our business partners. We expect that, in the course of doing business, all employees, officers, directors, agents, teammates, vendors, consultants and suppliers of Westland Properties Nigeria Ltd will maintain a high standard of ethical behaviour, encourage ethical behaviour in others, support ethical decisions and actively seek an appropriate resolution to potential ethical conflicts.

What makes us different?

·         We take a holistic approach to our business, and our values and beliefs permeate the way that we do business down to the smallest detail.

·         We constantly motivate and train our staff to remain abreast of current and future trends in the Real Estate market.

·         we love to keep our eye on the bottom line, BUT we get the most satisfaction from having happy, satisfied customers. This ultimately drives the bottom line and the emphasis that we place on customer service and satisfaction.




· Architectural and landscaping design

· Property/facilities management

· Project management


· Site Preparation, Road Construction and Earthwork

· Foundation and Caisson Installation

· Utility and Grounding Systems Installation

· Shelter Installation

· Landscaping


· Tower Erection

· Tower Strengthening

· Tower Painting

· Antenna and Lines, Installation and Connection

· Transmission Line Support Structure Installation

· Transmission Line Installation

· Microwave Installation and Optimization